DC Energy welcomes all qualified applicants. For those unable to interview with DC Energy on campus, we have a process in place to ensure that talent does not go unnoticed.

At a number of campuses that we do not visit, we coordinate with career centers to display job postings, so applicants from these schools should find us on their school’s recruiting portal.

For those from institutions that we have not coordinated with, applications should be submitted directly to us and should comprise of a cover letter, transcript, and a resume.

We also consider candidates who are already in the workforce (including those not in the energy industry). These candidates should also submit applications directly to us and should include a cover letter, transcript, and a resume.

Select applicants that demonstrate a high likelihood of success with DC Energy will be invited to participate in any of a number of the following recruiting channels: a battery of on-line brain teasers and short response questions, a phone interview with a DC Energy employee, and a round of in-office interviews.


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