Why did you come to work at DC Energy?

I was exposed to electricity markets in school and really appreciated the opportunity to apply my physics background to a business setting. These markets offer a unique mix of complex problem solving with quantitative analysis, and DC Energy has an amazing track record in them. Once I visited the office, the people I met made a great impression on me, so it was really easy to see myself working here. Everyone is extremely talented, motivated, friendly and enjoys their work.  You feel a sense of genuine camaraderie.

What is a workday like for you?

I always start my day off reviewing the outcomes of the daily New York power markets, and try to draw conclusions based on this newly published data. As part of a market team my responsibilities generally revolve around the power market auctions. Depending on the day I will be forecasting electricity prices in New York or New England, recommending investments based on those forecasts, or preparing bids for a power market auction. Outside of auction cycles, I’ll work on long term projects to either strengthen our investment processes or develop the team’s understanding of the markets we trade in.

What do you like most about your job?

There are tons of opportunities to make an impact on investment decisions from the moment you join the firm. Bringing an idea or question to the team is always welcomed and can result in an actionable conclusion. It is also very easy to track the performance of an investment which makes it incredibly rewarding when you see it perform as expected. At DCE, you’re asked to think about problems holistically and with clear objectives so I’ve always understood and agreed with the direction of my work.

What do you do outside of work?

I try to take advantage of the neighborhoods in Washington DC as much as possible since there is a lot of history and culture in the city.  DC is full of young professionals so there are lots of recreational outlets for people new to the town; I’ve joined basketball leagues and even organized some games after work at courts near the office.

What have you learned at DCE that you were surprised to learn but are glad you did?

I have developed a broad range of skills that I did not expect to acquire at a trading firm. Despite our focus on power markets, I have not felt pigeonholed or stuck in a position with little growth opportunities. I came to DCE with very little programming experience but was able to pick up those baseline skills through the training program, and then expanded them further during the first few months of work.


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