DC Energy trades gas, electricity, and other related commodity contracts, with broad expertise across a number of energy products. Through our proprietary strategies, we maintain a balanced portfolio comprising a variety of both standard and custom contracts based on our fundamental and technical views of the markets. Historically, we have focused on investments related to the locational and temporal value and volatility in transport markets for power and natural gas; since inception our activity has steadily grown, and we have now amassed a significantly diverse portfolio.

In addition to trading strategies focused on highly liquid contracts, DC Energy often trades with counterparties to pursue more specific investment objectives. Bulk standard contracts only loosely capture the true risks inherent to producing energy and physically delivering it to distant points; granular and specific contracts better align with the fundamentals of the grid. We leverage our risk management techniques along with rigorous fundamental analysis. Our models have allowed us to diversify our risk with a robust and well-balanced portfolio in these specialty products.


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