DC Energy is committed to the development of talented individuals who, in turn, are crucial to the firm’s continued success and growth. In keeping with our view that raw horsepower and innate talent can be shaped and focused, our professionals share no common background, other than uncommonly sharp problem solving, analytic, and communication skills. The staff across our affiliates has academic backgrounds ranging from bachelors degrees to MBAs and PhDs; they come from a vast array of focus areas, spanning the spectrum from astrophysics to zoology; chemists, economists and historians have all succeeded here. Our hiring is focused on analyst roles; we develop the vast majority of our professional and management team from internal advancement.

Through an intense introductory training program along with subsequent on-the-job mentoring, we provide our new hires with the extensive background needed to rapidly come up to speed. This provides a foundation in analytic methods for investment problem solving, effective business communications, data extraction and programming techniques, and strategic thinking. We devote significant resources to the continual cultivation of our professionals; with robust channels for formal and informal feedback, we expect our new hires to grow into professionals capable of directing new initiatives and managing investment portfolios.

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